Dear Miracle Mel

I have been keeping up the exercises and apart from some residual bruising at the site of the knotted muscle all is now well. I shall continue with the exercises as they are probably good for me anyway, but I don't think that I shall need further treatment at this time.

I never cease to be impressed. One treatment cured the elbow that had plagued me for weeks and now you have sorted out my back. If ever I have some muscular or skeletal problem you will be my first port of call.

I can't tell you what a relief you have been. I have been able to get a good night's sleep undisturbed by back pain for the first time since leaving hospital (and I never got any sleep in there).

Very, very many thanks

- Barry, Warwickshire

As owner of a Personal Training Company and a Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach myself it is very important to me to be able to refer clients to the best people in their field. Melanie and her team are just that. I have referred many clients to them over the past few years and they are always my first port of call for advice or treatment on any type of injury.
What sets Melanie Betts Physiotherapy apart from other physiotherapists is not only the depth of knowledge but also the ability to look beyond the site of the injury or pain and treat the cause.

The team are highly professional, have excellent communiation skills and can thoroughly explain the injuries, how they occurred and what must be done to treat them in terms that patients can understand. Melanie and the team are able draw upon huge experience and a variety of treatment techniques to get the best results for patients as quickly as possible.  


On a personal level Melanie helped me prepare for and recover from 2 hip operations. Her treatments that meant I was in best possible condition pre-op and recovered very quickly afterwards.


I would highly recommend Melanie Betts Physiotherapy - you will be in safe hands!

- Darren Putt




 As I joined the World Class Performance Programme for British Target Shooting in 2002. I was successful in qualifying to shoot in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Mel provided physio support throughout this period and her dedication and good humour was an essential part of the team. Mel was by no means just the team physio and played a key role in the overall team support!



- Richard Brickell, Olympic Skeet Shooter



I was fortunate to have Mel as my physio when I represented Great Britain and England at Olympic and Commonwealth Games as well as many other Internationals.
I always found Mel diagnosed accurately, treated speedily and well, which enabled me to get on with my training or competition with the minimum of distraction.

I cannot recommend Mel highly enough.


- Mike Babb, Olympic Rifle Shooter





Melanie and her team understand my passion for running. They work with me to determine a treatment regime that supports my race goals. This has seen me though many marathons and triathlons including an Ironman. I really appreciate their professional and cheerful attitude in times of need.  


- Rowena Bales, Elite Marathon Runner








Melanie Betts Physiotherapy – Shockingly Good!

The pain I experienced in my right heel each morning as I tried to get out of bed was unbearable, walking the dog a misery, every foot step was incredibly painful, my life was dogged with constant pain.

That was my day-to-day, my every footstep two months ago, now things are very different.  Having undergone a serious of 8 shock wave treatments with Melanie Betts of Melanie Betts Physiotherapy I am now totally pain free!

If you are suffering from chronic tendonitis, do yourself a favour and go and see Melanie Betts of Melanie Betts Physiotherapy, she really is Shockingly Good! - Lizzie McLaughlan (personal trainer)



- Lizzie McLaughlan, Personal Trainer







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